Super Sad True Love Stories, what part of that title is accurate?

This book threw a lot at you at once. There’s a frightenning similarity between the government of the book’s near future and the direction our government is going, the failure of books and reading, the mysogyny, lack of interpersonal connection, self-esteem and the focus on youth. Whew! That is a lot to pack into one […]

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Digging Up Artifacts: An Archaelogical Expedition…

Despite all the  pictures making this a relatively short read, it was probably more exhausting for me than a far longer, more straightforward novel would have been. The need to dig and analyze and make hypotheses about the couple felt more like sociological research than anything else, but i guess that’s because it was. We […]

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Hello there,

um… well I have to admit, this is my first blog ever. Hopefully, my highly opinionated nature will not rear its ugly head here and say, offend everyone. I certainly hope not, but I suppose opinions are what blogs are for, that said, I’ll give it a shot 🙂